Create walls from Cad link lines


Hii All,
I\m trying to create a walls from cad link but the issue is that i can\t convert double lines of the wall in cad into a surface to create a wall in Revit… Any help ??

I also have tried to create walls from curves but this lead to a double wall in revit as shown below

Create wall from CAD file

i think single line is enough to create a wall.


Hi @abdallahzakaria,

It should do the trick.


The game consists precisely in keeping the correct autocad line.



Just wondering if you want to introduce some math rounding nodes to get rid of the CAD inaccuracies? It would stop you walls being .0001 long and .001 degrees out…

Hope that’s useful,



Great it works like a charm , but the walls have been drawn from it’s center line and changing wall location line didn’t work , i also tried to make offset to get lines first between two curves then draw walls but didn’t work… Please Advise??


thanks a lot, but i have double lines not a single lines so i cant use this strategy


Use Wall.ByCurveandLocation node from Wombat package
The node has an input “locationline”.


i cant work with it
I think Location Line input is what cause the issue


the problem was from the units , my project is mm units and this node works with feet / inches units but this refers to large scaled walls


The node Wall.ByCurveAndLocation works well with a (strange) unit conversion :


It works perfectly like this :slight_smile:


Great It works Perfectly :smiley:
Thanks a lot @ Alban_de_Chasteigner


Hi. this is very interesting. I am trying to create similar work flow. Could not find these nodes:
Can you tell which package they are part of?
Thanks a lot.


CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers node is from Bimorph package and Wall.ByCurveAndLocation node is from wombat package


Hey Thanks for this.
I am trying to replicate. Have created this workflow.Walls from line on CAD insert.dyn (30.9 KB)wall from cad trial.rvt (3.5 MB)

But some walls are getting double.I have also updoaded Revit file on which I was testing.


Just increase the margin in Springs.Geometry.GroupByDistance.
Replace 150 by 160 mm.


oK… that worked. Is there any node in which you can select lines with exact distance. I want to create different thicknesses of walls from lines which are at different distance from each other. ( 100,150,200 mm thick walls).


Please start a new topic with Revit file and DWG file.


Hey. this is amazing. I am trying to create similar work flow. but the nodes don’t appear List L2 like the image, i don’t know why …Any Help