Convert CAD Lines to revit wall, using lines intersections (don't have polylines)

Hi all!
I’m sure it has been answered, but I haven’t found any answer… As you can see on the images i put here, i have a set of simple lines (2000 circa) that represent walls boundaries on Autocad: I imported via bimorph to dynamo.
Now I want to extrude the core of the line areas as walls, I can only generate walls from lines but I cannot manage to joind contigous lines as polycurves in dynamo and obtain surface…
Anyone can help me?

hey @Fpibbs actually i am also trying to convert 3d walls from cad file but i can not find the nodes that you are using in this screenshot ? is a library ! please advise ,

thank you :smile:

Hi, if you haven’t found it jet, try this link.