Create wall from CAD file

Hi everyone,
I’m making wall from CAD file, and i saw the topic as below.
But CAD.CurvesFromCAD Layers doesn’t running.
I tried 2 way as pictures.
Please help me…

Hi @Ke2king,

You’re probably not running the graph with an english version of Revit.
This bimorph node only works with Revit in english.
Change your version to verify if it solves your issue.


Hi, @Alban_de_Chasteigner,
Thank you for your help.
It’s running.
Thank you a lot!!!

Good day, i created walls from CAD files in dynamo but all the created walls comes as double walls attached together. How can i make the mid point reference to create a single wall not double walls attached from the middle. Below is a photo of the issue.

And here is a photo of the model

Hi @khaliboay and welcome to the forum, think its best if you create a new topic as this one here is alreaydy solved and 5 years old… and try share all files [dyn,cad,revit], you can use webtransfer filetransfer etc and just share the link here…then you just have better luck with help…thanks