Create Elevation by Rooms

Hi @Alisder_Brown
Im trying to create room elevations with dynamo, im pretty new to Dynamo,Is there any Chance we can see the graph to generate the elevation marker and turn on the 4 views ?

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Of course, no worries!
Ill look out the updated code and post it.
I have a few (4 i think) to run through the full process (Centering Rooms, Creating Plans of each room and named per room, generating the elevations for each room and then renaming the elevations to "Office 001 - A/B/C/D)’ and i have a video i made to use each one i will try and find.
Will post them later today when im back home!

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Thanks Alisder,
It would be a great help, im still on the steep learning curve so any help is much appreciated,
do you know of any good places to get information on python accessing Revits API in dynamo ?


Ive attached the definitions i use for generating Plans & elevations for Rooms. They are numbered 1-4 for the order i use them in. If you dont need the Floor plans of each room, ignore number 2.

  • Number 1 - Is not mine, got it from the Forums. It Centers the ‘placement point’ of each room to the center of the room
    (Unless that would make it outside room boundaries, in that case it stays where the user placed it)
  • Number 2 - Again, taken from the forums and butchered a bit to suit my needs. Creates a Floor plan view for each
    room, cropped to the room size and renamed to match room number/name
  • Number 3 - This is Jeremys hard work, taken from here: and horribly butchered for my
    needs. It Places an elevation marker on the placement points of each room and turns on all 4 elevations.
    There is a lot of nodes i likely dont need in this definition, i modified it to do my task and have not went
    back through to remove unused nodes yet (pure laziness)
  • Number 4 - Renames all elevations to the room they are in and appends an A/B/C/D or whatever you want (1/2/3/4) to
    the name.

Videos are in the link below. They are easy enough to use.

1_ABro_CenterRoomsAndTags.dyn (3.3 KB)
2_ABro_CreateRDSplans.dyn (4.3 KB)
3_ABro_CreateElevationInRooms.dyn (59.6 KB)
4_ABro_RenameElevations.dyn (37.7 KB)

Happy to help out if you need more info!



Thanks a lot,
Just had a quick look, there’s a lot of info there to digest :slight_smile: .

Much appreciated !!

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No problem! Im no Dynamo expert, not by a long shot! So they are quite untidy and possibly not the most efficent, but they do what i need them to do! Im planning on reviewing and tidying them up sometime soon. Let me know if you have any issues

this is awesome!!!

These look to be awesome, but I’m getting an error on the “Rectangle.ByWidthLength” node that says
"Couldn’t decide which function to execute. Please provide more specific type information."
Any ideas whats going on?
The "CreateRDSplans.dyn node works great…

Matt Edmonds

Hey, just saw this message. I’ve not seen that warning before and cant seem to be able to replicate it. Have you changed anything in the definition prior to running?

Thannks a lot Alisder!
But in the node 3_ABro_CreateElevationInRooms I’m getting an on error on the Python Script node in section 4:

Warning: IronPythonEvaluator.EvaluateIronPythonScript operation failed. _
Traceback (most recent call last):
_ File “”, line 73, in

Exception: index is occupied or out of range.
Parameter name: index

Any ideas whats could be?

Hey @Vincenzo_Panasiti1

Try going to a floor plan and running the script. It uses the active view when creating the elevations so only really works when running it from a floor plan

Hope that helps


Sory for the delay.
At the start of the definition, i have a couple of filters set up. It first filters by room name (i have it set to “Level 0” by default), then by area ( More than 2m/sq and less than 300m/sq) you may want to ensure the level name matches your level name and can remove the filter for the Area.
also, make sure you remove any redundant/non placed rooms from the project via your room schedule and run the definition in a floor plan view

Hope this helps

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I just found the time to test this out and while I have a bit of trouble with the rename elevations portion, I’m sure after trolling through all the other comments I’ll find out where I’m going wrong.


Hey @SJ_GT3

What is the problem you are having? Happy to help out if i can.

I wanted to check that someone else hadn’t answered my question before wasting your time. I was missing the “Get Al Views node” so I swapped it for the View Type node as shown in the image below with no joy. Any suggestions?

Add a “Get Views By Type” node after the view type one.



Is the link for the videos deleted

Yeah sory, forgot WeTransfer links only last a few weeks xD

You should be able to download the videos from here:


Thank You Alisder for that great script.

The first 3 steps works really well, however, I have some problems with Step-4, and not sure what am I doing wrong.

I am getting warnings in both ‘Manage.RemoveNulls’ nodes, which is affecting ‘BoundingBox.Contains’ & Element.GetParamterValueByName" nodes.

Unfortunately, I am new to the forum, so not able to upload screenshot.

Are you able to help please?
Thank you again

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Best to upload a camera export to another image host like Imgur, Dropbox, google drive, or the like.

Hard to help fix the issue if we can’t even recreate it as we can’t see the issue.