HOW to Use Dynamo to create croped 3D room views for all room in revit or navisworks

Hello, if I could remember well once I googled on how to create croped 3D views for eachroom. I saw a video where a person used Dynamo to create 3D views for each room in revit or navisworks (cant remember which software it was). The views were croped down to the size of the room for each room in a seperate view. Is that possible or does my imagination create its own stories?

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Romeo Eileia

@Romeorevit Hello!

So, it is possible to automate the creation of 3D views inside of Revit. There was an AU class last year (2017) which they showcased exporting clashes to Excel from Navisworks and used Dynamo to automate placing a family that they created at the locations of clashes. Link -

Also, I have created a simple automation workflow that creates a 3D view for a selection of Rooms. Automate 3D Views from Room Selection.dyn (19.7 KB)

You will need the Rhythm package, clockwork, and Data-shapes if you wish to make it available for dynamo player.

I hope this will help you get started!

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Have a look at one of my definitions in this post: Create Elevation by Rooms
It creates cropped plan views for each room in Revit. You could modify this to create 3D views of the plan views with a height.

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Hello @patrick_podeyn and @Alisder_Brown, thanks alot for your fast replies! Ill check the solutions when time is given and get back to you guys if I have any doubts.

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Romeo Eileia

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No problem! I hope it works for what you are trying to do!

Hi Patrick,

Your script is great and thank you for putting it online.

I am wondering if it in possible to adjust the bounding box geometry to offset from the room boundary. i/e include the room bounding walls, similar to the default selection box button.

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part1.creat 3types view(all room).dyn (66.9 KB)


Hi Im some problems with:

  • Element.GetFromLinkedFile
  • SurfacesFromBoundingBox
  • View.SetCropBoxCurves and
  • View.ApplyViewTemplate

dynamo does not recognize them