Create Elevation by Rooms

Thanks Jacob for the tip.

Below is a dropbox link including all the steps, and the step that has the error.


Hey @bassem

Are you able to share a simplified version fo your Revit file you are running the script on? I cant see what the warnings are saying or what is being passed into the nodes so its difficult to diagnose.
If you share your file i can take a look

HI Alisder,
Just getting into this Dynamo thing and have run your CreateElevationInRooms.dyn successfully in my test file - super excited!
Alas, I am running into issues when we have multiple Elevation Types in a file.
Usually we have multiple types; Building Elevation, Interior Elevation, etc.
I guess it is confused as to which type to select.

Unfortunately I don’t know python to adjust the script to select the Elevation Type rather than simply the Elevation Family. It would be great if you can let me know which lines of code to replace and what to add and I should be able to work it out from there.

If you have time, I’d really appreciate your advice.
This tool is going to save our office sooo much time!!


Hi, could you please start a new thread with a screenshot of you work? I am sure that someone will help with your specific issues once they are correctly exposed. Please refer to the guidelines for further information:

If you need to dive into Python, these links could help to get started:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Create Room elevations.rvt (432 KB)

Here is the file. Thanks Alisder

Hi @Alisder_Brown, all the definitions work great except number 1.

I feel like I’m missing a something…

Thanks for these videos and I apologise for not seeing these responses sooner!

Thanks for your advice @john_pierson, but I still can’t get it to work. I’ve included a couple screenshots below

Where can I find the “Get All Views" node? Or, which package do I need to download? It’s no longer a part of the Archi-lab Package.

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The 2nd last python node (bottom right) is the one which dictates what Elevation/Viewtype to use. Can you run the script, expand that node and send a screen shot, it should just be a case of changing which one is used (i think it is currently set to use index [0] i can check on Monday for you when im back in the office.
It has saved multiple days worth of work for us per project, proving to be a huge time saver :slight_smile:

I am going to tidy the definitions up a bit as i think there is alot of steps i can shorten with the new version of Dynamo, i will post them up here when i have them

I dont have my laptop home with me this weekend so i cant check, but i am sure that red node in your image comes from the “MODELICAL” package. Try installing it and see if it works (you should be able to right click the node and choose “custom node properties” and it should say what package its from)

Hi Alisder,
Thanks for the tip! All I had to do was select the index for my preferred elevation type.

The list of types is based on the id number for the elevation type. In our project template, Interior elvation type was created as a duplicate of building elevation.
So building elevation is always [0] interior elevation always [1].

Thanks again… this script is so brilliant!!

That’s fine, please post them in a new thread with an appropriate title in the Share category. Only one of them seems related to the title of this thread. Screenshots are also useful to quickly see what we are talking about:

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Greeting Dynamo veterans,

Complete Novice here, so bare with me while I figure out my arse from my elbow.

I have managed to get all of the scripts that Alisder_Brown so kindly shared above working, except the final one that renames the elevations. The error that I am getting is regarding the BoundingBox.Contains node. The error I get from it is “Warning: No function called Contains on a Function that takes Function could be found”

Image of script warnings attached below. Any advice greatly appreciated.


This thread is related to Elevation Creation and I would rather start a new one if the issue is about something else. You can easily link it to the one that interests you like so:
Thanks :slight_smile:

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note the red node in the middle of your graph? it means you are missing a package.
in this case the Modelical package.


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It will help anyone having similar issues to find related solutions :slightly_smiling_face:

@Alisder_Brown, I’ve just used your nodes packages and it’s really works. Thanks Matte.

But I have a problem with center room nodes which I got a warning that said custom nodes doesn’t have definition. Do you know why?

Thanks before

Please send a screenshot showing this issue. If it is not related to the title of this thread, the best is to start a new one with an appropriate title. You can link it to this one by clicking on “Show more” / " “Add a link to this post” at the bottom of each post. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

The custom node iin the room center is from the Modelical Package im sure. See the post further up from @Archinecture about the same issue