Trouble with creating interior elevations in rooms

Hi guys,

I am trying out the script to create interior elevations in rooms from this thread:

for some reason it seems to work with a simple project but when I bring it to a big detailed revit project it gives me the error in the image.

Can anyone help please?


I think you want like this …

For more info,


cool. I’ll check it out

Brilliant! So easy. I was wondering of there is a way of adding a node that would allocate a specific template to the elevations?

actualy there is one
its called Element.SetParameterByName.
The thing is, the value you feed in to the node, is not a text of number, it is an actual element (recognisable by the green ID)

Thanks Marcel,

I’ve done it the way you described although, quite probably, not correctly as there is a warning message - please see the attached.
I can create Elevations to each room per floor, however I would also like to change the Type to a specific Elevation (17-Elevations and the View Template to 17-Elevation-Office), which somehow is not happening. The former due to the lack of a specified parameter, and the latter, well, I have no clue whatsoever.


Perhaps plug the View Template node into the Value? At the minute you are feeding a String, which would be fine for something like Name or Comments, but not an actual View Template.

Also you are plugging your Views into the Parameter Name? Perhaps plug them into Elements?

Also you are plugging a String (value: View Template) into Element… Perhaps it should be into Parameter Name?

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Thank you for your response.
I tried the same approach with those two nodes as shown at the bottom of the picture.
Same result I’m afraid.

It makes me wonder if the Dynamo version may play a part. I’m using 2.01 rather than 1.32.

Hey, I think you might be right…

I tried replicating your graph with dynamo 2.1 and revit 2018.3 in a test file containing only 4 rooms… it crashed revit… It did the same in dynamo 1.3…

Incidently, there’s a web page here which shows you how to do something similar (you can download the graph)…

Hope that helps,