Name room elevations by room tag

Hello everyone,

I just started getting acquainted with dynamo and got stuck with a script from

I have used module 11 to create room elevations and it works very well. However, I want the names of the elevations to be automatically named after the room tag.
I have tried to use the script in the image but it does not work. Unfortunately, I’m too new to see what the problem is, anyone who knows?

Also ,does anyone know if I can change the script in module 11 so that the elevations are named automatically by running the module only. Or do I have to make an another script (for example the script in the picture) in order for me to succeed?

Here is the link to module 11

Try removing the list.create node which isn’t in a group from the graph. Then think about how the data wants to be used and move that alone. Then run this on a test project with only two rooms in it, one on the left and one on the right. Make a left looking elevation on the left, and a right looking elevation on the right. Once that works you know the Technical aspects of Dynamo were worked out.

However, note that most interior elevations will see more than one room (that room on the other side of the wall you are elevating? Revit sees it), and the rooms pulled by being seen in the elevation will listed by order of creation not if the elevation is for ‘that room’. Look into RoomAtPoint and try and associate the tag location to a point, or better yet a meaningful point in the view’s cut plane. Haven’t built either myself but they may work out for you.

This shows how to find a related room to a given elevation view. (note the custom packages in use, nodes in blue)


In the original post, “Intrerior” and “titel” are misspelled… Maybe fix those before further work? Or maybe its not English?


I made some development base on John’s script(Thanks John), for this one you will need to add a shared parameters in your view title and views. In my case I used “Room Number” as my parameters, you can edit your own. Cheers!