Element.BoundingBox doesnt work

Hi, I am new to Dynamo and i have the same issue in Revit 2020 with Dynamo 2.0 and all the packages required. But the elevation marker is not accepted as an element to create a bounding box. I tried all the options shown above. Element.Geometry, Element.BoundingBox etc. Nothing seems to work. Please advise.

I want to select all the elevation markers and match the room name to it by using the bounding box.

There is a location property for elevation markers, but it appears to not be exposed as things currently stand. You could do some API work to expose the info you’re after via Python or other bit of coding.


If you think this should be exposed by the native node please submit an issue report to the Dynamo for Revit GitHub, being sure to include the relevant files for development to reproduce. https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/issues/new

Note that this will be the location of the BOX which your elevations are hosted to rather than the views themselves, and that the out of the box parameters node will fail to report the hosted views which could prove problematic downstream. There is a View.Plane node in clockwork which could get the location of the elevation views, but that location can be a bit different than expected.

Thankyou for your response. I am a new user of Dynamo (only about a month) and dont know Python or any other coding yet.

It would be worth having a Dynamo node for the same. There used to be a Element.BoundingBox in one of the previous versions of dynamo which allowed the selection of the location of the elevation markers to be selected. However the same doesn’t seem to work now. Get location doesn’t consider the Marker as an Element.

Is there any other means of getting the elevation markers selected?

Not that I am aware of. I may take a stab at it later, but no promises as I’m rather busy of late.

If it used to work and now doesn’t than please post to the GitHub as this is a regression which ought to be addressed. Be sure to include information on when it was working as well.

Hi Jacob,
This is the link i referred to to rename the room elevations. No issues were raised in Alisder_Brown script regarding that node. 4_ABro_RenameElevations.dyn

However, here’s the same Code not working.

If i have done something wrong , please let me know if it can be fixed. Thanks.