Automate Room Elevation creation

Hey All

Another day, another question xD

So, im starting on a new project… big one. And we are going to have to produce Room Data sheets. Now there are like 150+ rooms, each requiring 4 elevation, cropped with a View template applied.

Ive had a bash at this and Dynamo does not seem to place elevation markers from coordinate points.

Im getting all the placed rooms in the project, getting their location points, then trying to place an elevation marker with all 4 views turned on… Then i can apply a specific view template to all the views. Ideally, im going to try and have the View names take some data from the rooms they are from (if possible) So ill have 4 elevations for “Office 1-A” or something like that. But i cant seem to get it to place the elevation markers. Dynamo doesn’t give me any errors, but no views are placed :S

Could anyone help me out… or point me in the right direction, i cant find much on the forums about it. We have a deadline on this and if i can use Dynamo for it then it will convince the higher ups to take it more seriously. I’ve got it doing a few tasks now and something like this will save weeks of work if i can get it automated!

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:



Thanks for the links Organon

Had a try to create the code and im having no luck atall. Not used Python much to be honest, still a complete beginner xD

Have you or anyone else came across this problem and have some kind of solution?


This should help: