"Tag All" Equivalent?

Is there a simple programmatic simulation of Revit’s “Tag All” command. I would like to do it in multiple Views.

I have only found Create Annotation Tag from archilab but it is complicated.

Hi @truevis
Can you explain what you mean by programmatic?
Something outside of Dynamo graphs being mini programs?
Are you looking for a pure Python method or one-stop node?

The workflow should be reasonably straightforward.

  1. Get the views you want tags in.
  2. Get the elements in those views you want to tag.
  3. Setup tag parameters using the OOTB nodes.
    …Insert List management here… :grinning: Done
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By programmatic, I mean simulating Revit’s “Tag All Not Tagged” command in Dynamo, but for multiple views at once.

This is tagging by the start point of Conduits:

This is Revit’s “Tag All Not Tagged” command, which appears to have have some better logic in it.

Ah, OK slightly different than my first impression of what you were thinking.

I believe this is possible through API with some python coding, first finding the untagged elements using something similar to this… https://www.google.com/amp/s/boostyourbim.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/find-elements-that-are-not-tagged/amp/

I am not back Dynamo-side till Monday to have a go, but have a look at this also. :grinning:

It’s not the untagged part of “Tag All Not Tagged” that I care about, it’s how that command places the tags on the view. When it’s a linear object, I’m not sure how Revit makes the tag placement look good.

I just tagged by start point but that doesn’t quite work because the start point of a conduit can be wrong, in my usage, some of the time. I was trying to get the point of the conduit that was inside the 3D View but didn’t find a good answer. I’ll figure it out if I keep hacking at the logic. Thanks, @ Ewan_Opie.

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Hi, i’m trying to tag all curtain wall panels using dynamo but it doesn’t seem to work. I know it is the same functionality as tag all but I wanted to try it out in Dynamo as I am a newbie in it. What am I doing wrong?

I tried plugging in the elements of category but it bounced back with an error.

You will want an Element out connected to an Element in. You really just want the Panels of the Curtainwalls visible and facing your View.

Thanks truvis, Actually even that didn’t work. So I tried All Elements of Model Category and it worked like a charm. The only problem now is that the tags are placed vertically and too spaced out.

I created a separate post for this below