Untagged elements


I’m trying to find a way of detecting elements that are not tagged in the active view.
I found a Steam-node but I have some problems.

Is there another way to acomplish that?

Thank you.

Hi @JC.Moreno,

You can also use the OOTB node Tag.TaggedElement.

Hi Alban,

Thanks for the reply.

I have some problems to understand some nodes.

  1. When I select my elements in the revit view, I get 199 walls and 198 labels. The node “Select.ByCategoryAndView” shows me 111 and I do not understand why.

  2. The Tag.TaggedElement node has some errors

  3. For me it would be more logical to select the labels of the view exclusively but this does not seem to work.

Hi @JC.Moreno, when you are taking pictures of your graph, zoom in until you can clearly read a node and its inputs, then click the camera button on the top right. It will take a picture of the entire graph for you at the same zoom level, allowing us to read each node. When there are errors present, please hover over the errors (the yellow bubbles above nodes) and ‘print screen’ those so we can help resolve them.

Ok. Thank you.
The last image was bit confusing :sweat_smile:
I send the image correctly.

For the error I obtain:

Thanks for the advice.