How to tag elements in a linked revit model with a indicated tag type?

How to tag elements in a linked revit model with a indicated tag type? I tried to run my dynamo file, but it doesn’t work. Can anyone help? Thank you!

I’ve had good luck with the “Create Tag” node from Genius Loci. It has a input for the tag type

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There is a warning “reference can not be tagged”. The elements are from Linked Revit Model. Is that a reason why they cannot be tagged?

Hi Jpeele, thank you for reply. I think there is an issue from the elements. And I still cannot solve it.

What kind of elements are you trying to tag? Some elements are untaggable in Revit (railings for example).

Are you using a category tag or a multi-category tag? It could be as simple as you are trying to tag something, but the tag for that category hasn’t been loaded in to the project yet.

I am only tagging Electric Fixtures with an electric fixture tag. I am able to tag the items with the same type in revit. But there are so many items to tag. I am looking at Dynamo to make the work easier.


It is not possible to tag linked elements with OOTB nodes. Follow the advice of @Jpeele_JDB and use the Create Tag node from the Genius Loci package.

Hi Alban, thanks for the suggestion. I tried to use Genius Loci’s Create Tag node. But it still not working. So for all elements in the linked model, there is no dynamo node could tag them, right? Thank you.


You must connect the linkinstance (Links node) to the linkinstance input of the Create Tag node.

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Hi Alban, I tried to follow your advice to connect the linkinstance to the Create Tag node. It still not working. Do you have other guess for the fail?

I forgot but there is currently no method in the Revit API to tag linked spaces or areas.
It is also written in the description of the node :
The node also works with Linked Elements (except space and area), Multi Category tag and Material Tag

Thanks a lot Alban. I changed the element type and restarted dynamo. Now it works! This learning process really helps me to develop other stuffs.

For who will be viewing this post have the same question as me, I am attaching the final nodes which is working at my end.


Hello, I am not usually work with dynamo but now I am trying to automatize a task. Don’t understand what is going wrong here because the tags seems to be created but I can’t see any in Revit. Do you have any ideea?
Later I plan to change the views node with more nodes which will filter the views by name - but for now I just wanted to make a test in a singular view to see if it works.
Thanks in advance for any answer :smiley: