Creating a door tag on all Views at once

I’m looking to create a script that goes through and tags all of the doors based off if it meets the hardware requirement. Right now I can create my list of doors to be tagged but it only creates the tag for the current view I am in. I’d like for it to check all of the views and add the tags to every view without me having to run the script on each view. I’ve tried to select all the views and then get all of the elements to compare to my list of current elements, but there is too many and the application crashes.

Hi @anelson
Play with lists if you want to place in multiple views.

Hello @Kulkul,

I guess I should post the issue I had with lists and we can go from there. So basically this project I have attached is a miniature of what I’m needing to tag and performance has been super slow when using this method. When I start off with zero tags and then run the program it looks like it tags all of the instances I need, but it changes the amount of instance tags to 85 when I select all instances. I can’t figure out why its tagging so many or if there is a way to speed up the tagging process so its efficient for when I do the bigger project. I’ve attached the current dynamo file along with the revit file, thank you!

tags for multiple levels.dyn (13.3 KB)