Tagging linked file elements using Dynamo


Using Dynamo i’m tyring to tag generic models in a Revit file. These elements are not in the main file, but in a linked Revit project. I’m tyring to use archi-lab.net 's ‘Create Annotation Tag’ for this, although it’s giving me the following error:
My input works with a file that is not linked, but with a linked file it can’t find the elements to tag…

Anyone out there that knows a solution? Thanks!

@Konrad_K_Sobon -> hope you can help!

Regards Rien

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Did you find a solution?
Because i’m havin the same problem.

No not yet! Had it working with an older version of Dynamo, but the note changed in between updates somehow… Could only autotag on floor plans back then… Was hoping ArchiLab would react here!

Can you show your entire graph? Can you confirm you’re inputting the correct link for the element?

Hi @r.vanderscheur,

It looks like there are more who are experiencing this problem.

Kind regards,

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I’m trying to tag a selection of Generic Models, all with the same tag. For this example I’m trying to tag the watershed below the windows. The entire graph is added at the bottom.

I tried very link input out of the 3 options. Non of them work:

Here is the end result of the script:

As you can see it can read information out of the linked file elements and can see the right location (blue dots):

It says it is stuck on line 141:
Unfortunately I’ve yet to become a master in Python! I could not find the problem.

As said above, I have had autotagging working with dynamo in the following conditions:

  • Has to be a floor plan
  • Elements have to be in the model (not linked)

Problem now:

  • Tags need to be in a Elevation / Section view (I think tags are placed horizontally somehow)
  • Elements are in linked models

Hope you can help!

Thanks! Will check the note on the forum. First impression tho is that i cannot make a selection of which elements i’d like to tag.

Last time I checked, you can only tag linked rooms through the api.

You can tag Linked elements easily in Revit with Builtin Tool (TagAll):


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True, although this way you can’t filter certain elements within a category.

FA: Right now I’m tagging a selection of generic model elements. With the TagAll function this is the result (due to modelling with different partners in different programs):

One option is to put the familiy’s in one (low used) category. This will solve the problem sometimes, but its not a reliable solution. Most of the time there will be elements within a category that should not be tagged. Also I’m not a big fan of these workarrounds that aren’t user friendly.

Truth is that yep, Revit itselve can find these elements and tag them. I’m not that fermilliar with ‘API’s’ and programming, but if Revit can do it, shouldn’t Dynamo/Python be able to use this aswell? @Dimitar_Venkov

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That would be the case ideally. However, every program interacting with Revit is restricted to only what’s exposed by the public API. Even tho Dynamo is developed primarily by Autodesk, due to its open source nature, it’s bound by the same rules and restrictions.

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I created a Dynamo Graph to remove the “?” marks if you tag all elements. But the graph falls over for Plumbing Fixtures. Works for all other categories. It seems the “All View-Dependent Family Instance Of Category” Node by Clockwork fails for Plumbing Fixture Tags. I’d share the graph but as a new user i can’t upload. Maybe DM me on Twitter @RTVTools

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By the way, it seems that Revit 2018(.1) finally added the functionality to tag linked elements.

@Dimitar_Venkov yes, Revit 2018 has a new method called IndependentTag.Create() where you can supply a Reference() to an Element in a linked file. This is new and was not available via API in earlier versions. I think it’s in 2018.0 as well not just 2018.1. Previously the only elements that had a special method for tagging in a linked file were Rooms and the node from Archi-lab.net includes that functionality.


Hey @Konrad_K_Sobon ,

Glad to hear that it is possible! I tryed to edit the original ‘Create Annotation Tag’ to add the IndependentTag.Create(), but my Python is not as good as yours! Will this be added in the future, or is it easily added and would you be able to help me with it? Hope to dive into Python soon and learn the code better.

Hope to hear from you, thanks for your help!

Hey @Konrad_K_Sobon !

Should the node work properly with rooms from linked files in Revit 2017.2, with the newest (2018.13.13) archi-lab.net package? It seems that I have a similar problem as @r.vanderscheur. I get the same error “the element to tag does exsist in the document”, but with rooms.

I’m pretty confident that the data I’m giving is ok, the rooms are from a link, the points from those rooms as many floor plans as rooms, in the correct order, and I’m only not sure about the linkInstance inut. Tried Link instance and Link Doc from the “Get Documents” node, also tried the “Links” node, always the same error.

I’ve also tried getting the rooms from the link by 4 diferent nodes: “Springs.collector.linkedInstanceElements”, “element.GetFromLinkedFile”, "Get All elements From Linked Model’, and a combo of that last one with “RevitLink.GetDocument”.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a problem with the Revit or package version?

Tagowanie pomieszczeń na wielu widokach 0.2.dyn (70.8 KB)


A similar question was posted a few days ago.
Can you try to reproduce the picture provided at this link ?
It seems to solve the problem.

Hi @r.vanderscheur,

I added a node with the IndependentTag.Create() method in the package Genius Loci if you need to work with Revit 2019.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner Thanks, but none of the nodes helped. The Multi Category one gives the same error and tracksback to line 176, the other one says "Attribute error: ‘type’ object has no attribute “Create” in line 178.

In the description one says Revit 2018 and above, thew other one says 2019, and I’m working on 2017. I’ll migrate to 2019 propably in a week or two. I’m just wondering if the Revit version is the problem.

@LOESCH_PK @Alban_de_Chasteigner
I seem to have the same problem. I added 2 images with the input and the output nodes. I tried to tag on an elevation view and on a plan view. It seems it cannot find the reference. Is our input right?

(Working with Revit 2018)