Is there a node to tag all elements that are untagged, in multiple views

Is there a node to tag all elements that are untagged, in multiple views. I’m trying to tag all the doors in a series of floor plan drawings, all in one shot. There no point doing them 1 view at a time as it would be quicker to do it manually in Revit.

The node i downloaded from the package manage was old and doesnt work with my version of dynamo

Not that I am aware of.

May be best to build your own custom node that deletes all tags of a given type, and then creates new tags of the given type on all elements of the given category, all for a list of views. All three of those steps are fairly straightforward.

Not straightforward for me.
i could do the deleting bit but have no idea how to do the create new tags part.
The other node i tried using just made one tag despite having multiple elements as the input

Can you post your graph?

tag all doors

it only tags 1 door per view and I can’t find the one it did tag

Lacing/levels is wrong on the create tag node, and you don’t want to create tags for doors you see but don’t really see (i.e. hidden by the dlfloor below). Change your selection method for the doors so you’re getting doors that are visible in each view not all doors, and then play with levels and lacing until you get a number of tags which match your total number of doors.

Well I managed to get the doors only in the views and the number of tags matched the number of doors. I can’t see any tags in any of the views and an ID search fails. Also, despite taking some time to run the script and freezing Revit up for a while , the dynamo script doesn’t appear in the Revit undo list.