Structural Fireproofing (Springs.Direct Shape)

Starting a new thread on an old topic. I was able to recreate the script discussed in this tread Fireproofing to Structural Framing Problem? using the Springs.DirectShape.ByGeometry and had great success with a large project creating actual Revit geometry that I could push to Glue to use for clash detection. However, something changed early this year and it hasn’t given me the same results. The script will run, with errors, and create the “geometry” in Dynamo and Revit 2017, however the “geometry” in Revit cannot be selected and is not recognized when pushing a .nwc to Glue. Thoughts on what could be adjusted?

Dynamo - Steel Fireproofing.dyn (11.0 KB)

@Mathew_Wellhausen perhaps you need to simplify your script, below is a good start. you can use the OOTB ‘directshape’ node, it works well.

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Hi @rexfrancojesse I am new with dynamo script and can you please guide how to change direct shape/ geometry objects into Revit object/ family. The starting point is that we have void objects from IFC file that we are importing into Revit using Dynamo script and I am able to bring these objects as direct shape and next step is to cut the walls/ other interesting objects, but for that we need Revit objects.

Could you please start a new thread with some illustration of you preliminary work?
You can link it to this one this way if needed:
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Hi @Mathew_Wellhausen , I’ll quote myself :joy:

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Thanks Mostafa for guidance. I just find the solution and instead of using directshape. I am now using the spring node to create a family instance i.e., Spring.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry.

I actually meant add the fireproofing in the structural framing family itself :smile: It would be way more flexible and fast to execute, not to mention the fact that It would adapt automatically in case there are changes in the project…

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