Dynamo Geometry to Revit Solid Problem

I’m sure Dynamo BIM will be happy to know someone is working through their Geo 101 Tutorial but I’ve hit a snag at the very last step of importing the geometry into Revit as a solid. I have the example script downloaded and am pretty sure it’s mostly the same (but there is a chance I’ve looked at the code so long now I’m just missing it). I’m already working ahead to the code of the 3rd basket but if anyone can shed some light on the issue I’d appreciate it. Basket 1 went into Revit exactly as expected. Thanks.


Hi Blair,

Try using “DirectShape.ByGeometry” from spring nodes.

Hmm. Unforunately the suggested node appeared to have no effect on the REVIT solid (in many configurations). It continues to sit there unselectable in REVIT as a transperent default mass. Any other suggestions? I’ll keep working through them.

It seems you are missing the last step. <strong style=“color: #323232;”>ImportInstance.ByGeometries. The orange object you are seeing is the Dynamo Revit preview.

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Well I’ll have to claim ignorance in knowing there was a last step but your suggestion seems to have done the trick. My thanks for pointing out the missing node.

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