DirectShape workflow


Im trying to figure out the workflow for DirectShape to Revit (2015)

I cant find a way to get my geometry to revit objects (family or project).

This is where i get stuck








As yo can see, i get no errors and geometry is imported, but nothing appears in revit.

I tried generic mode adaptive, Entourage, Conceptual Mass and the revit environment itself

Thnx in advance,




Have you tried changing the units in Revit to meters or something bigger?

Also Direct Shape in the recent versions of Dynamo would refer to this node…


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Thank you Vikram,

Ive tested with setting unit by meters, that gives me something that looks like firework exploding :slight_smile:

In the new node you proposed, should i go for a familytemplate to begin with or the revit environment?

And if i try to set the category i get an error. It says toplevel categrories should be used when i hover over the imput for categories.

Does that mean systemfamiliescategories? They give an error aswell.

I use Dynamo version 9.0 releasecandidate.



Marcel, going by your description of the geometry seeming exploded on changing to meters, I’d say that when in mm too the geometry is created, but not apparent as it is too small.

Since the imported geometry is at the center in your file, zooom in towards the origin of your revit view.

Another suggestion (just to test) might be to scale up the imported object in Dynamo before converting it to a mesh.

Using Direct Shape is unlikely to solve your problem, but here is an example…


Hi Vikram,

Thanks for helping out, but im still stuck after scaling the object.

I tried this after starting with a new revit project environment, a conceptual mass family and a generic model family, all to no avail.

In dynamo i can see the preview of the import, but nothing appears in revit.









.dyn and .obj attached.
















Marcel, you haven’t attached the .obj file, both attached files are .dyn.

Sorry for that Vikram,

I seems to be prohibited for security reasons to upload an .obj file.

As an alternative i can send it to <span style=“color: #cccccc;”> </span>

if that is ok with you



Or a zip-file :slight_smile:




Hadn’t used the Mesh Toolkit earlier. It sure is a heavy process.

However, managed to do the needful. Quite straightforward, provided the Revit length units are set to meters

Unable to upload any files as 5MB is the limit (Was surprised to see that the Dynamo file with nodes from the Mesh toolkit is over 11MB)


Hi Vikram,

I have created a workflow much like yours, wich gets me a slightly smaller filesize (8Mb)

I will post it tomorrow and explain, for all forum members. Im not at my workstation right now.

The DirectShape.byGeometry node is much faster in Dynamo comparred to this workflow, but i dont know what node comes after the DirectShape output to get the geometry in a family.

Also, a simplify mesh node would be welcome.



Nothing needs to come after the Direct Shape Node.

To get it in a family use a .rfa as the base (instead of .rvt as in the above cases)

OK, goodmorning.

We are working on a themepark, i needed the bird for entourage.

Here is the result:






And the workflow: