Urgent! How to turn Dynamo geometry into revit geometry

Hi guys I’m using spring nodes to export dynamo geometry into revit geometry, but nothing is showing up.

What might the issue be, and is there a better way.
I want to have the final geometry “baked” into Revit with materials, if possible.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


I am playing with this right now and whilst i’m sure there are some smarter options out there, i first tried using the FamilyType.ByGeometry.


  1. Material is not inhereted to the family without a serious workout involving editing the .rft inside the workflow.

  2. The size of the object i was trying to turn into a family exceeded the maximum dimenional values a family could take.

I Compromised on a DirectShape Family instead which as a CON has far less paramaters in terms of identification you can play with but does take the material you want without any effort.

The data structure is something like this that i am using.
Equal lists into each of the inputs as a list chopped by 1

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Cheers, Directshape family worked !

But the question remains, why isn’t my Spring Node Family Instance working.
Does anyone else know?

Would be hard to answer without seeing the dataflow into the node

看你名字是国人吧,我就中文好了,你犯了和我一开始用dynamo一样的错误,和犀牛里的grasshopper不一样,revit不是纯几何图形建模软件,生成的不是各种几何形状,点线面体这些,所以dynamo 不存在grasshopper里的bake,也就是烘焙,我也用过direct shape或者作为一个导入符号放到族里,没意义的,只能看,不能编辑。dynamo其实是用三维坐标空间位置控制revit的族,比如复杂的幕墙造型可以用自适应族,但是看你这个不复杂,不知道是楼板还是屋顶还是什么,你就用dynamo里的轮廓作为revit里的楼板的轮廓就行了,相应的节点有的。直接导入进去没任何意义,除了看。


I guess your name is Chinese, so I’ll just speak Chinese. You made the same mistake as I did when I started using Dynamo. Unlike Grasshopper in Rhino, Revit is not a pure geometric modeling software, and it does not generate various geometric shapes. , points, lines, surfaces, etc., so Dynamo does not have bake in Grasshopper, that is, baking. I have also used direct shape or put it in the family as an imported symbol. It is meaningless. It can only be viewed and cannot be edited. Dynamo actually uses the three-dimensional coordinate space position to control the Revit family. For example, you can use adaptive families for complex curtain wall shapes. But if it is not complicated for you, and you don’t know whether it is a floor, a roof, or something else, you can use the outline in Dynamo as the profile in Revit. The outline of the floor is enough, and the corresponding nodes are there. There is no point in importing it directly, except to see

主要是这个形状有点怪,revit massing 里弄不出来


The main reason is that the shape is a bit weird and I can’t get it out with revit massing.

It certainly looks like it can be modeled with the massing tools…

Amigo @harry_zhao buenas. when you use the node, FamilyType.ByGeometry you are only making the definition of family type, is like only load the family into the file, you are not creating any instance, you need create instances after, you should use Family instance by point or by point and level in order to create instances of this family type, i let you link to a similar post.

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