List of mathematical shapes and how to create them using Designscript



I’m on a quest to get the corresponding disignscript of the shapes in this list and get as many as possible :slight_smile:

If this works it could be a treasure trove for all that come across this thread.
I got to this idea because i wanted to draw a parabolic line on paper (2D) , then bend the paper in a parabolic shape, making it 3D, and write it down using designscript.
Any help on this one?
So this idea of the treasure trove was born, and give this post a “like” if you support it.

Your contribution will be appreciated.


Sine wave by curve
Electromagnetic spectrum
Use Geometry Blocks in Dynamo Sandbox without Revit Installed

Catenary by @Vikram_Subbaiah

catenary.dyn (9.5 KB)



just a line

remember all Dynamo lines can be your walls with one extra node




Great idea @Marcel_Rijsmus :+1:
Not on the list, but had it in the archive.

Bell Curve.


Quartic Plane Curve - 3 Leaf Clover


I bet @Zach_Kron has some interesting examples.


Variations on the above 3 Leaf Clover = Rose Curves with Petal Parameters.


Lemniscate of Bernoulli or Infinity Sign

t = 1..1000;
x = (a * Math.Sqrt(2) * Math.Cos(t))/(Math.Pow(Math.Sin(t), 2) + 1);
y = (a * Math.Sqrt(2) * Math.Cos(t) * Math.Sin(t))/(Math.Pow(Math.Sin(t), 2) + 1);
pts = Autodesk.Point.ByCoordinates(x,y);
LemniscateOfBernoulli = NurbsCurve.ByControlPoints(pts);


Astroid Hypocycloid

t = 1..1000;
x = (a * Math.Pow(Math.Cos(t), 3));
y = (a * Math.Pow(Math.Sin(t),3));
pts = Autodesk.Point.ByCoordinates(x,y);
Astroid = NurbsCurve.ByControlPoints(pts);


Since petal count was a variable, I figured why not play with it? Added some height to really kick it up a notch and give it more form, and then looking at ALL possible inputs (ok 10 in this case, but you get the idea…)


Multi-Sided Polygons




z = (0..h2..#u);
pi = Math.PI * 2;
uh = Math.Pow(z * h, 0.5);
points = Autodesk.Point.ByCoordinates(
(radius * uh) *Math.Cos(0..pi..#u),
(radius * uh) *Math.Sin(0..pi..#u),
polyCurve = PolyCurve.ByPoints(points, false);




Great idea @Marcel_Rijsmus :grinning::muscle:




a simple circle


with little love :slight_smile:

heart shape curve

x=12 * Math.Sin(t)-4 * Math.Sin(3 * t);
y=13 * Math.Cos(t)-5 * Math.Cos(2 * t)-2 * Math.Cos(3 * t)-Math.Cos(4 * t);


The Polygon.RegularPolygon is a really cool DS method to do Multi-Sided Polygons

Free transformation

I don’t know if it is appropriate but I had a lot of fun doing this:


Could everyone amend his/her post to include the code to avoid re-typing ?:grinning: