Use Geometry Blocks in Dynamo Sandbox without Revit Installed

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I’m wondering if it’s true that we cannot use any Geometry components for 3D preview in Dynamo sandbox without Revit installed.
I tried to run Dynamo sandbox in a machine when Revit is not installed but got warning messages and nothing showed up in the preview.

Recently we’d like to encourage colleagues in my firm to learn Dynamo to facilitate their daily works, and not only in Revit (e.g. read/write spreadsheets, process them and also preview some results in 3D with Dynamo).
In view of that we don’t have sufficient licenses for all of staffs in the company, it will be better we can use the sandbox version instead for this circumstance.

I learn that Dynamo use an extern library “ProtoGeometry.dll” for this particular function, and try to understand if there are some dependencies which sit in Autodesk products and result in the issue.


Can you post what you attempted and a screenshot of the preview (or lack there of). Also, is there anything showing in the 3D preview? Should have the default grid at a minimum. Common reasons for that not showing up are a lack of capable hardware, misconfigured the system for dynamo use, or have the preview disabled.

I used the sandbox for all parts in this thread that are mine


Dynamo will run without Revit - but it looks for the geometry kernel of other autodesk products - so if installed on a machine with no other adsk products the geometry nodes will not function.

That is not to say that some awesome user could not add a another geometry library or integrate another python or .net one - of which there are some choices.

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I do have Revit on my computer, but it is a 30 day -long time experired version-