Curve or Senoid - by model line

Hello everybody.
I have learned a lot from this forum, and I would like to develop a routine similar to the one below

it’s a routine that creates a sine curve, I would like to know if it is possible to adapt to create a model line curve (sine or something like that)
tracing the blue model line, it would create a red curve as in the image below

I’ve been trying to create a routine for months to select the blue line and create this red curve on top (it can be any similar curve, but this blue one can be tilted or lying down)
Do you have any idea how I can be taking steps in this routine?

See this post, fillets are there, maybe it could do with an overhaul

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Hello, how amazing! there are several ways that are being discussed in the topic, I will give a study to those who have it so that everyone can develop something similar. Thanks for the tip,its very good

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