How to Input Complex Equations into Dynamo to Create Lines in Revit

This is my first post here - so hi everyone!
So, for a project I need to create a 2 story single loop mobuis strip, and turn it into a building.
A mobuis strip is an object that has 1:1 ratio of faces to edges.
I am able to easily create this object in Revit as a mass, however the tricky part is the 2 story parameter. It has ‘two’ loops, so something like this:

There are two ‘layers’, and each one will be a seperate floor, over the first.
The most efficient and visully pleasing way to acomplish this is to use a limacon as a base. The equation I am wanting to use is: ((x^2)+(y^2)-(3.5x))^2=((x^2)+(y^2))
Here is a link to a graph:
However, making this shape in 2D lines as reference lines is far more challenging than it seems. So, I am trying to use Dynamo to create this shape.
However, I have no clue where to begin with this, as I am brand new to Dynamo. I have tried a few tutorials on YouTube, however I when I input the equation Dynamo isn’t happy with the input, and I get errors saying there are too many ‘x’s’ and and EOF warning, which I have no clue what it means.
If anyone could help me that would be amazing!

check this out it will help you

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Thank you!
I was able to successfully start doing stuff, however I don’t know how to input my equation into the program.

Any help i greatly appreciated!

in first line you should end it with ;
in second line you should have a value after =


see this link also to learn more about codeblock