Dynamo Origami


Hello All,

About the same time last year :christmas_tree:@Marcel_Rijsmus began a quest to compile Designscript shapes.
List of mathematical shapes and how to create them using Designscript

As this was awesome fun :grinning: , I thought I would attempt something similar, but put a geometric spin on it.

So behold, Dynamo Origami!


Dynamo Origami - Paper Plane.dyn (42.3 KB)

I have started with something simple, but if I get time will get onto something more complex… such as below. :thinking:

image …rotate geometry…add vector to point…carry the 1…



The quest was in fact sort of a continuation of the annual pumpkin carving contest by @Zach_Kron that sadly stopped :slight_smile:
Here’s one http://buildz.blogspot.com/2014/10/6th-annual-parametric-pumpkin-carving.html
Now that we have an origami contest for this year i hope that someone next year will come up with a new creative challenge.




Very cool! Adding firefly + periodic run makes it animate on it’s own. :grin:


This will be the last one from me for the year :desert_island:
Ok, so it’s not a Crane, but a Kiwi is still a bird.
This was a good chin scratcher :thinking: with respect to simultaneous dual-axis geometry rotation…



Dynamo Origami - Kiwi.dyn (51.6 KB)

(My PC was having a headache with the Firefly animation @john_pierson so time for a christmas present from my IT team I think :computer: :grinning:)