Sine wave by curve


Is it possibile to draw a sine wave upgraded along an arc or a curve?

Thank you so much.

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I’m not much of a Dynamo drawer, but I could do the maths for you on this one…

This would be perfect. After i can try to write the dynamo code. Thank!

Well, there you go.

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Gave it a little clean up actually connected the radius.

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That is perfect thank you so much!!!

I just thought: what if considers a different form than the circle I’ve just drawn, I could modify it to work for that but it currently can’t do that.

But,can i write the same formule but with 1 curve of three points without using the code block 1…360…1?

I need to use spatial coordinates to draw an architecture element

Do you think you could create a list of the specific angles the larger curve would be add from moment to moment?

That’s actually pretty easy to achieve if you have a line of points, could you give an example of a line you’d want?

like this

Sine on curve.dyn (16.6 KB)
This took me way more time than it should, I generated the curve differently than you did because I lack a specific node.


It’s perfect…you are a genius!!!

Merci beaucoup!!!

:blush: I’m far from the smartest person on this forum though.
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Last question…but if i want extrude the sinusoid with a curve or an arc, how can i do this?

To be honest, I have no idea, as I said I’m not experienced with actually drawing things within Dynamo (I’ve mostly been controlling Revit with it, so a whole lot of list and data manipulation).
It’s probably worth starting a new topic on the specifics of drawing it, I think my maths result is doing fine as a groundwork, but I don’t have a clue on how to actually draw a nice 3D shape on it.

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ok thank you!!

You know, you can only like one comment as solution. :wink:
I don’t think the last one I posted is going to help anyone who want something similar.
I’ll mark the “right” as solution for you now

I know that’s a bit too far to ask but could you please explain the solution. I mean the Sine, Cosine, Atan Part. :thinking: :upside_down_face: