Draw geometry surface from equations

I was wondering how do I approach making such shapes in Dynamo?


see this topic it could help

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Given the equation, this is relatively straightforward, the only real variation would be to start with a circular grid instead of a rectangular grid.

//Circular Grid of Points
p1 = Point.ByCoordinates(Math.Cos(0..360),Math.Sin(0..360));
p2 = p1.Translate((p1.AsVector())<1>,(-1..10)<2>);

a = 5;
b = 8;
z1 = Math.Pow(p2.X,2)/Math.Pow(a,2)-Math.Pow(p2.Y,2)/Math.Pow(b,2);

s1 = NurbsSurface.ByPoints(p2.Translate(Vector.ZAxis(),z1));