How to get help on the Dynamo forums

Here are some more additions.

First, do not ask anyone to do your job! This is a help forum to ask for help with things that you cannot figure out on your own, but actually tried. Most important, please remember always come back if anyone is trying to help you.

If your graph provides you an error messages, please reveal the content of it as a part of the image. Please put ‘Watch’ nodes and notes in the graph describing what essential parts does. The notes will help you to remember what you did at a later stage in the graph life circle and be very helpful to all others. Remember to write which ‘custom’ packages you use (put a note above the ‘custom’ nodes). For others will it be almost impossible to figure out if an image is the only thing provide. Likewise, if you update your dynamo and forget to reinstall all packages, then it is very troublesome to find the needle in the haystack.

If your graph involves python scripts and designscript code, then please provide also the ‘code’ as text. This makes it easier to help you, and others can reuse bits and pieces without having to download the entire graph (.dyn file).

Occasionally it might also be helpful if you can provide a small example model (.rvt file). Keep such a file to the absolute minimum. Meaning, run ‘Purge Unused’ so it is as small as possible and only with content needed for the graph. If other files could be needed, then please provides these as well kept in a minimum size.

There are some limitations for new users. These limitations is set up to defend the community against misusage of the community for file transfer etc. Therefore is it recommendable for new users to provide files etc. using a fileshare services (Dropbox, Google Drive…). New users are accepted to upload files if they show a real user behavior, which entail… entering at least 5 topics, reading at least 30 posts, or spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts.

Finally always remember to mark the post as solved, it is good custom to acknowledge the ‘solution’ by marking it.