Getting started with Dynamo Studio 2016


Hi folks,

As a person with a fair level of experience in Grasshopper, I’m excited to get to know the Dynamo platform and possibilities. I have a few questions:

  • Is this the best place for chatter / questions / sharing? or is there another resource I should know about somewhere?
  • What kind of up to date documentation might I find? Is there any documentation for DesignScript in its current form within Dynamo? I found a pdf that seems to predate the merge. Some information about syntax, about what arguments different methods take, etc. would be super helpful in getting my bearings.
  • Other than the Autodesk somewhat superficial tutorial videos, are there some good resources in a more or less organized / methodical structure, such as video series, ebooks, or whatever?
  • Any other suggestions to grok the workflow in Dynamo and how it is special / differentiated?