Anyone knows how to move viewport titles to a specific point within the sheet in DYNAMO?

Thanks in advance!


that’s helpfull.

last time I check, it was still unachievable.

There were some discussions about why viewport class only has a GetLabOutline() while has no set outline or position method.

but it was quite a while ago, I hope someone has a solution to this.

@daniloastudillosilva - the reply @salvatoredragotta gave you is because you failed to provide any bit of info. Some people may be willing to spend some time looking at the various aspects of your problem, but most of the regulars here, including all of the most helpful among us don’t have time to work out why you would want to do this, map out how the process would want to work, produce a Revit model which this would apply to, and then finally start looking into what the coding would be.

Some of us are very seasoned and just know what some (Many? All?) aspects of a given graph should be, so they could skip or quickly move through some of those steps, but generally speaking this is something which requires someone invest their time. Your two posts do not indicate that you have put any time into the question yourself. In the thread which you were directed to, there are pretty clear instructions on what you should include with your questions, none of which was included…

All of that is perhaps moot, as I am not aware of a way to adjust these elements programmatically in the Revit api, as pointed out by @jshial. However, should you want to discuss this more, please be sure to include more info into the thread.