Create View from Rooms


I have a project with alot of rooms, I am trying to create a Dynamo script to create a new plan view for each room. Has anyone done this?

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In Archi-lab Grimshaw there’s a node called FloorPlan.ByRoom

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thank you, I am new to this have you got any ex samples? just so I can see the inputs

@viktor_kuzev has given you right direction you need to try and come back here with your attempts. This is a help forum to ask for help with things that you cannot figure out on your own, but actually tried. Read this how to ask help on forum.

If your new then start with the basic first here


First of all can I say thank you to @viktor_kuzev for your help and advice on showing me the Archi-lab Grimshaw FloorPlan.ByRoom node its really good. I have not used Dynamo for around a year so can not really remember what I am doing and as I am a landscape architect rooms are new to me. I was not sure what the offset was but I am guessing it was the offset for the view of the room. Anyway I have posted how far I have got and am still getting lots of errors.

I asked for a example of inputs not for it to be done for me. I was not at my computer at the time that I posted so could not upload my progress.

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Here is the final Script that works. Thank you all for your help.

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