Referencing Old / Solved Forum Topics when creating a New Topic

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Hello All,

I have observed that there have been quite a few older (and solved) topics being restarted on the forum recently.

To provide a better experience and information repository, it is important to consider Starting a New Topic instead of Replying on these original ones. A worked example of this simple process (of referencing the older topics) is below.

@Dimitar_Venkov mentions this process in item 6 within the original topic posting. :+1:

Step 1.
In the original topic you are wanting to make reference to, select the Links button on the posting options bar.

Step 2.
Select the + New Topic button.

Step 3 / 4.
A Create New Topic window will be displayed with the original topic referenced at the top.
This displays as a ‘clickable’ link in your new topic.

Step 5.
Start typing the contents of your new topic in a way that shows you have read the original topic, and its solution isn’t applicable / doesn’t quite address the issue you are experiencing, or adds to the information you are sharing.

Step 6.
Be sure that you are creating your new topic in the correct category.

Step 7.
Ensure your topic title is relevant to what information you are seeking, what issue you are experiencing or what workflow you are sharing.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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