(Fairly urgent) Export geometry Dynamo to Mass Revit

Hello !

I really need your help.

I am a student in architectural engineering and for a homework (which is due soon…) I have to make a building in parametric architecture. The problem is that I am unable to divide the surface to apply a division grid along it.

That’s the end of the dynamo script.

I don’t have “divide surface” even when I load this family into a project.

Dynamo file : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Family + revit : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @Sevag and welcome to the Dynamo forum :wink: you could try something here…

Thank for your fast reply ! That’s what I just did, but what I am supposed to do after Surface.Perimeter Curves ? Trace a new volume and export it to Revit ?

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ahhh you want volume and not surface, then use solid by loft instead surface by loft…im not in front of my pc in the moment, so i will take a look later…Cheers

Np, but it doesn’t work…

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you dont need surface perimeter curves the reason it null its because geometrysplit gives solid

Oh yes ok, now it work, but, i still can’t divide the surface like a regular volume…
regular :

Before I could select all a element now I cant anymore with your technic…

I can’t Tab to select the various individual surfaces.

I tried Export geometry Dynamo to Mass Revit but not sure why it doesn’t work…

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Thanks…i dont understand do you wanna import into a family or a project, and do you wanna import it in one piece or many pieces ? lets say you wanna import to family, then try springs form by geometry (think its a form you want)…for project then try family instance by geometry…but now i see you are in 2022 then spring probably dont wanna work, havent try form by geometry but family instance by geometry gives problem…you could try the ootb node family type by geometry…i will take a look :wink:

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I used Dynamo to generate massive geometry for the building.
I have a form in dynamo then I need creative a Curtainwall system in to mass surface.
So I need to transfer the generated form to the mass unit to create the curtainwall system in Revit on its surface.

I wanna do that…

but I cannot divide the surface

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could something here work…

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I feel like you found the solution !

  • But I can’t test it myself because I cannot find the component “Materials” Can you help me ?

  • Will I be able to divide to a rhomboid pattern ?

Thanks !

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Think so…materiels i use here is from orchid…but just use ootb material by name and set the name to default…

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@Sevag I am not sure what is your end goal, but if you aim to create a curtain system from the family you previously created, it works perfectly, just create a “Curtain System by Face”, select the face you want and change the curtain system subdivision:


My end goal is to put a custum curtain wall system like that :

How may I change the " the curtain system subdivision" to a rhomboid pattern ?

think there are ootb node curtainsystem by face…there probably can automate that…but for me and am not architect :wink: its nearly sounds easier to do manuel :wink:

Why is that easy for him ?

he is actuelly do it manuelly inside revit…but there are nodes there can automate that as i mention…

That’s what we wanna do… but we can’t do that : we don’t have the option to divide inside revit when we select a face from that element…

( @Sevag reach the limit of replys for a new account so he can’t answer)

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