Exporting Dynamo to Revit

I am currently struggling with exporting my Dynamo file to Revit. I’ve tried Exporting the Geometry to a SAT file, I’ve tried exporting it as a family as well and also with the “ImportInstance.ByGeometry/ies” but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

maybe start a conceptual mass family first, then start dynamo and run it
A Generic model family to start with might work aswell

Thanks for the tip. I tried that and received this error: Capture3

thats ok.
make sure masses are visible in visiblty graphics

I can see the masses in the Family project, but not in the normal Revit project. Also, I can’t select or do anything with the geometries after I’ve exported them to Revit.

check your visibility settings in Revit or make a 3D view
What is your plan?

The problem is I have this compilation of random boxes that I’ve summed up as one body. Now I just want to split up the different floors and make a glass facade.

As You see, I’ve split the floors, but Im struggling to go further.

use floor by face in Revit.
those floors will update as the geometry updates (a button in revit will be actived for that)

Yes, I see, but it requires me to select the mass, which i can’t do at all. I can only look at it in 3d. I looked at the view settings and everything was checked.

try skipping the solid by union node
or post your complete graph by zooming in to just one node then click the camera button (right top in Dynamo)

I skipped the Solid by Union node, but no luck. This is the whole graph - the problem(i think) is where i am currently at - to the right. https://workupload.com/file/FPM8RCfM (I couldn’t upload the PNG here, so im sending a download link to it)

i need your dyn file.
use wetransfer
send it to yourself an post the link you receive in the mail overhere

if anything, all i would need is something like a .dwg file with the floor dimensions, so that i can make the facade manually.

abgabe - fassade.dyn (347.2 KB)

i cleaned it up
can you try again?

no, now I can’t see it in Revit at all

can you see it in the mass family?

no, neither the mass family, nor in a normal revit 3d

you need an Import Instance.ByGeometry node, sorry i deleted it in your file
feed it all the solids