How link revit mass to dynamo

Its possible enjoy the surface that i model in revit to dynamo? I make a mass and transform his face im a grid sheel, thnxs


Assuming you’re in the mass environment, you could try something like this:

i think insn’t it, im tryng to bring the model’s mass to dynamo and found the command"select model element" they can select but dont appear in dynamo, you know what can be happening? Sem título i didn’t know the command “element type” it is really useful, but i tryed do what you showed but i don’t found the “all elements type”… and what is code block? sorry for the questions im new in dynamo

Use Element.Geometry to get the selected geometry into Dynamo.


Sem título

Import before you Divide Surface. It doesn’t seem to work once the surface is divided in Revit The surface can be then be further worked on in Dynamo.

If you want the divided surface, you’ll need to use the approach suggested by Dimitar.

when i do it show a big mass and when i retry my grid desappearedSem título and still dont show the geometry, how can i go back with it? the 3d model background is on but i restart the dynamo and still dont show the grid

Hi Jonathas,

You need to activate “Geometry Mode” in Dynamo below right corner then right click “Zoom to fit”. Hope that helps!

i had tried this but showed nothing only a grey screen like this in the picture, but thanks for the help

I managed to enter the 3d model in the dynamo, but I don’t found all elements type it to connect element type (divide surface), what can i do to divide the surface?Sem título

Now that you’ve got the surface into Dynamo, begin exploring the various tools available and understanding the different terminologies.

Below is a basic example related to surfaces. You can do a lot more once you get familiar with the many available tools.

Thanks for the help guys i will keep trying


Im trying divide this surface but always crasehesm what can i do? When i put the first number in one of the divs nothing happening but when i put the second crashesSem título

Hi all, what would be the workflow for bringing a stair into dynamo? I’d like to generate a handrail, I figure i can gather the points on the stringer faces. Move them up in the z to the standard height. Connect the points with a line and sweep the handrail profile through them. I tried using select model element but the stairs will not show. Thanks, I’m trying to get moving with dynamo.

ok, I just needed to connect it to an ‘element.geometry’


Its works thanks!