Export geometry Dynamo to Mass Revit

please Help me
I have been using Dynamo to generate massive geometry for our building.
I have a form in dynamo
but i need creative a Curtainwall system in to mass surface.
So I need to transfer the generated form to the mass unit completely to create the curtainwall system in Revit on its surface.
please guide me

please guide me
new4 tower 13-1.dyn (9.8 KB)

Follow these steps …

  1. Open a Conceptual Mass family template in Revit
  2. Launch Dynamo, add Import Instance.ByGeometry node to the end of your graph and run.
  3. The geometry is imported to the Revit Conceptual Mass environment.
  4. Load this family into your project.
  5. You should now be able to select faces and create a Curtain System

Thank you very very much
this way is very god
But be sure to guide me how to get the geometry generated in the episode
component > model in place > mass
select model
Divide surface
To make it easier to use the profiles of the grid profiles I’ve already used
Thank you very much for your help and guidance

Do the work at this level in the conceptual mass environment.

Due to the complexity of the form, it can not be routinely in the environment IN PLACE > MASS
Modeling and creating geometry in Dynamo environment
And then the network-related sections in the environment IN PLACE > MASS

This means you’re not in the in massing environment.

Not sure by what you meant by the second part of your comment though.

@LifeisMyLove In my earlier post, follow up to Step 3 (ignore the rest)
Hit Tab to select the various individual surfaces (Ctrl to select multiple)



I was unable to Mass floors for my Dynamo created Conceptual Mass in the project environment.