Exporting Dynamo Generated Geometry into Revit Family

Hello. I am somewhat new to Dynamo, have been working to learn the software the past few months.

I am having trouble finding the best way to export dynamo generated geometry back to Revit. The geometry itself is somewhat detailed, a large number of vertical sweeps (~1000) and some horizontal sweeps (~100).

I basically started with a mass family that I am studying panelization options for, one of which will be a series of vertical rods at the intersections of planes and the mass surfaces.

See image below for the point at which I am trying to take the solid geometry and convert to revit geometry. I have tried Springs DirectShape.ByGeometry (generated a very large mass family that my revit project wasnt allowing me to place), and I have tried ExportToSAT (thinking I could import those in a family), but it seems to not export all geometry (and still quite large file sizes). I would like to export out to a family, then place that into the project to have more control and maybe set parameters.

What are the best methods to use to export complex geometries back into revit compatible families?

Dropbox Link to dynamo file and revit mass family: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j3xjxmct88cz3um/AADEKauwWQwuAeICXrJSDVeMa?dl=0


I’ve used the below method in the past to generate a couple of thousand families… Though they were boxes, perhaps the extra geometry in yours will make it fail… I guess that would be an issue of RAM mainly? But also worth checking your outputs to make sure there’s no funny with levels (the dyn seemed to be based on a .rvt which wasn’t included?) your .RFA crashed my Laptop!

I’m not sure if you you want to make just one family, or feel like that’s your only option?

I believe that the Springs nodes utilise an export to SAT as part of their process, so I expect that if 1 fails, the other will also fail… Perhaps double click into the nodes and have a look?

I guess the other question would be whether you can create a more generic shape, generate a curtain wall, the modify that… It would obviously reduce your geometry count by an enormous amount.

Sorry I can’t be of more help,


My preference is to make a single family that contains the geometry, so that I can drop it into a project as 1 object, and then iterate a few different versions of that family.

Is the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node from Springs capable of that? Or would each solid become its own family?

I guess that’s the wall I have come up against. Seems like many of the options for Dynamo to Revit translation prefer single geometries as opposed to many…

The dynamo script grabs some elements (ref planes and surfaces) from the RFA I uploaded, so if you open the RFA then launch dynamo from there, you should be able to get it to work

My advice:
Dive into adaptive families here.

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Yeah, from memory I think it makes 1 family :slight_smile: