Dynamo for Batch Adding Shared Parameters to Project


I am in Revit 2016 and running Dynamo 0.9.2 and I have the following packages:

Archilab, Bakery, Beautiful Soup, BumbleBee, BVN, Clockwork, Lunchbox, Rhythm, SpringNodes

I am working on a process for a group of 20 people to read from the same shared parameters file for room data shared parameters and add these shared parameters to each new project moving forward as well as add standard RGB color values for color fill legends for displaying the data in plan in Revit graphically.

I saw that there was a node for adding shared parameters to the project but it also seemed that the node has stopped working? http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/shared-parameter-creation-from-list/

Is anyone aware of a new way to do this or a python script that does this? I have a list of all data in Excel and I would ideally like to pull the data from a shared parameters file and excel for each new project to have this added to the new projects. It is cumbersome to manually add long lists of shared parameters and it would be great to automate the creation of a view template with some standard RGB values. I could use transfer project standards for this but I figure I would ask if anyone knows if it is possible with Dynamo.




Next version of Dynamo will have ability to add Parameters to project so those Archi-lab nodes won’t be necessary anymore. Just hang in there. :slight_smile: https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/pull/1052

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Are people really doing this manually every time? Maybe there is a plug-in for this?

Hi @Emily_Dunne

I guess not. Refer this topic


The same as Kokul send with a litle work in excel file:
For me it works for revit 2016 and dynamo 1.1.0
Excel_SharedParameters1.xlsx (82.4 KB)
N_CreateSharedParametersfromExcel.dyn (17.8 KB)


I’m not sure this entirely solves the problem for me.

Yes the script does successfully add parameters to the shared parameters file which is seriously awesome.

I’m not looking to just automate adding shared parameters from Excel to the Shared Parameters file.

I would like to automate the process by which shared parameters are added to multiple Revit projects.

Manual process:

A shared parameters file with 50 shared parameters in a single group exists for project teams to reference.
A model manager wants to add the 50 shared parameters to 20 active revit models
The model manager currently would have to go to manage> Add…> Select Shared Parameter> (select the file with 50 parameters) then add them one by one, filling out the custom data for type or instance, select the dropdown for group under and check categories in order to use the shared parameters successfully.

Is there a way to automate this part of the process?

There are plugins for purchase that do this. I believe CTC has something along these lines.

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You could create a new file with all parameters setup the way you want (master).
Then use Transfer Project Standards (tick project parameters, untick all others) in all files that have to be populated.
Its not Dynamo, i know, but it saves some time and all files end up being the same.



Yes - using transfer project parameters is possible. The reason I want this done with Dynamo is so that I can have more control / make choices about what parameters I want to carry over. Generally with transfer project standards, it seems impossible to filter within a category. :{

Good to know - I’ll check that out. Thanks!

There’s actually a very simple non-Dynamo way to do this - I use it all the time.

Create a schedule (or schedules) that schedule only the parameters you wish to transfer. Save your file and close. Now open up an empty project from Template - . Use “Insert View from File” to insert the schedule(s) from the saved project. After insertion, go look at your Project Parameters and you will find that only the Project Parameters that were part of your schedules transferred in and the rest that you wanted to only remain in the live project were not transferred.

Purge and save that File (it should be very small - see attached example file) then distribute it out to whomever you wish. Tell them to repeat the Insert Schedule process to add the req’d parameters. You can test this all out with the attached file.Example For Transfer.rvt (344 KB)

I often instruct the teams i work with to simply insert one or two schedules from the linked file i share with them to ensure that we all have the same SPs. It’s much easier than TransferProjectStandards in my opinion.


Whoa - game changer!!! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Kulkul

Thanks for the information provided, I got the AddSharedParameterToProject working this way for shared parameters previously defined, the only issue I have found is regarding the Instance/Type (True/False) definition:

  • When I set Instance=True: I get my parameter defined as Instance with values are aligned per group type
  • When I set Instance=False: I get anyway my parameter as Instance but with values can vary by group instance

I just can’t define it as Type parameter, any ideas? I hope you can help me :slight_smile:



Hi @Rodrigo
You will find solution in this topic Shared Parameter: Values can vary by group instance

Hi Kulkul,

Thank you for your answer! I guess my question was not very clear because I am not trying to do what you suggested me.
My issue is that when I try to define the parameters as Type parameters (Not Instance disregarding if aligned or not by group type), I am getting the parameters anyway as Instance (aligned by group type when False and can vary by group type when True).

I hope that you can help me, thanks!

Could you please start a new topic with complete screenshot’s of your query. This topic is already solved. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Rodrigo,

Did you finally find the solution?

I am very interested too and I cannot find the new topic or the solution anywhere.



Hi @alejandro.daras

You will find solution here Add shared parameter to project not working for Type parameters

If you’re just looking to batch add shared params to a project without spending money (and Dynamo development time) I’d go with Case Apps: