Create Project Parameter using dynamo or python script

Hello, dynamo community!!

I am still dynamo beginner.
While I am studying the way of creating Shared Parameter and Project Parameter in the dynamo environment, I faced a big problem.

I want to create the nubmer of project parameters at once from excel but I couldn’t find clear solution yet.
Could you please let me know how to do that?
I knew that there are nodes that can create or add shared and project parameter in the latest ‘dynamo’. But most of solutions haven’t mentioned the way of creating it from excel file.

You cannot directly create Project Parameters from Dynamo because the Revit API has not exposed those methods. You can create them through Shared Parameters and that process has been explained on here many times.

Thank you for your answer!
I have another question… do I have to create Shared Parameter in advance to use it?

Our company is trying to do the same thing. We have a number of shared parameters we use for scheduling, but our third-part MEP equipment doesn’t come in with these params, so I’ve had to research how to push the shared parameters I want into a third party.
First things first: ask yourself if you’re willing to put in the time, or simple seek out a solution add-on that someone else already made and you’re willing to pay for. It might be a cleaner and quicker solution.

This is what I did:

  1. I opened up the family that works well with our schedules and pulled the shared parameters off of it using script 1. These parameters went into an excel file.

  1. I then had to rearrange and modify these fields a little bit so they could properly push into another family.
  2. I opened up my third-party family. I used script 2 to pull the shared parameters off of the excel file and push them into the new family. This took a while since we had somewhere around 613 parameters, but it worked!

Hopefully this answered your question. This took many many hours, so hopefully you can use this and modify it to your needs. Good luck!
Packages used: GeniusLoci, Clockwork, Zebra, Orchid