Project Parameters Not Working in Sheets when Created using Dynamo

Hi ,

I Have Created a Titleblock and Created some shared parameters to the label Drawing Number.

So I created a simple Dynamo Script to load these shared parameters into project parameters in the Revit file.

Before Running the script all the shared families are frozen as expected

after Running the Script Parameters are being loaded but still the parameters Under Drawing Number in the sheet are frozen

But the same thing when I tried to add them using the traditional method from the manage and project parameters window its working.

Can someone help me where i was going wrong

Thank you in advance

Found that the issue is with GUID. While using dynamo to populate this new GUID is been created as this is treated as a new parameter rather than an existing one. Here is the task
Step 1: I have a Revit title block family where it has some shared parameter
Step 2: I load this family into the Revit file and linked the shared parameters using shared parameters from the manage
Step 3: now I want to push these shared parameters from shared parameters.txt to project parameters

I am trying to automate step 3 any suggestions?

The ProjectParameter node is for new project parameters, not shared parameters. There is a similar SharedParameter node for this but I think it requires that the parameter you’re loading is from the current shared parameter file. I haven’t seen a node for changing the shared parameter filepath, but it looks like it can be done in python: SharedParametersFilename Property

Are you restricted to using Out of the Box nodes? If packages are an option, Data-Shapes has a useful workflow for this application.