Adding project parameters from existing shared parameters

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Hopefully an easy one.
I have a project with very specific client requirements, they have supplied a Shared Parameters file and a custom Tag that we are to use which reports on a number of their Shared parameters, which is fine. The issue is, there are about 350 parameters.
I would like to know if i am able to use Dynamo to add Project Parameters from the existing Shared Parameters file i have been given so that the tag will work as expected.
I know i can just create new SP and re do the TAG but they have their own formatting and it will take ages to manually place and re format the 350 labels within the tag.

Any help is appreciated.


Search and you shall find :slight_smile:

There is plenty of question concerning this, and you can use the OOTB nodes for this or use those I have in my package…


There are plenty of posts on adding project or shared parameters yes, but not any i can find that add project parameters from my existing library of Shared parameters. What package and what nodes are you referring to?


As an alternative to the Orchid nodes, there is

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Thanks, that did the trick!


can not find the file

Which file are you referring to?

From your above link

I only posted the link to the site, i have no idea why its not working.
But the site gives you all you need to recreate it

okay thanks for the such quick response :slight_smile: