Create new shared parameter from excel file

We’re re-doing a lot of our office standards at present and I’ve been tasked with looking into and creating new shared parameters. Presently we’re creating all new/proposed parameter names in an excel document incl the family category they should be used with.

We have an old/current SP file which is being retained but names will be changed to match the naming convention.

I think what I’d like to achieve is that the new parameters in excel is written to the shared param text file while also being added to the project with the correct category and instance/type property incl any parameter comments. There are some existing parameters which will need to be retained also.

I have little to no dynamo skills (working on improving) and looking for some guidance or threads (I’ve found a few through google) to get me started.

Hi @JoziB,

I suggest you read the Dynamo Primer to find reliable ressources.

Here is a start :

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EDIT : Be sure the shared parameter file (.txt) exists and is active in your Revit document.

There are actually hundreds of this post on the forum already. Have a search using the wee search icon top right for “Shared parameters from Excel” or something similar. You’ll find loads of solutions.