Add shared parameter node

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We are interested in its format, not its content. You can put “a” “b” “c” or whatever.

@truevis @Mustafa_Mahmoud @Neil_Reilly This script is quite old. I just tested now its gives me some error may be due to the Revit API changes. Give me sometime i am working on this for you guys. Hoping to fix this bad boy :grin: and post the result.


@Kulkul we are waiting for you boss ,you are the man , you can do it

I am hoping for an answer as I could not get the node itself to completely work: Add Shared Parameter to Project?

@truevis @Mustafa_Mahmoud @Neil_Reilly

Game Over! At first shared parameter need to be created then the script is good to go. I tested this script in Revit 2016 and its working. I have attached files and created a small clip of the process hope you all like it.

Files Shared Parameter.dyn (12.2 KB)
Shared Parameter1.xlsx (8.4 KB)


There was a discussion on this some time ago here:

Basically you can’t use the drop down selectors with this node. Your inputs need to match what Konrad posted in the above thread for it to work correctly. I posted a screenshot in the same thread showing another way of doing this with an excel list of parameters but the formatting is the same otherwise.

That is it , it is work man , thank you for your great work :gift:

رمضان كريم Glad it helped! Can you mark this post as solved.


Sure Boss thank you

I succeeded to make it without excel sheet

I’ve been away for a while. Thank you Kulkul, this is an excellent tool. Also thank Mustafa for keeping this going:-)

It didn’t run straight away after I downloaded, So I made it a bit more understandable for complete dynamo noobs. It can’t hurt to have a few examples here!

The attached excel has a header explaining each rows purpose. The dynamo script has a codeblock that indicates what each excel index id for. I did nothing to the python code apart from changing the input references.

Again, thank you Kulkul for figuring and helping out.

Shared Parameter1.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Shared Parameter Dynamo1 - 2016.dyn (21.8 KB)


Magic good work @Neil_Reilly , that is awesome , thank you for your great participation

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its working grate!!

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How can I include the GUID of the parameters (e.g. a extra row in the excel file with the GUID)?

First, I want to say great work from all of you. While testing the scripts provided, I discovered these are to be used while in a project. These will not work while in the family editor. Do you guys know of a post regarding families with shared parameters? I have searched far and wide for this with no luck.

@kiknchikn2060 Could you please start a new thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have. No response.