Creat wall finish by room

Hello everybody. I have a question. That is how to creat wall finish by room ??? I tried with more script on forum but it is work. Could you help me? I need for my work. Thanks for your help.

Which script? What have you tried? How did it not work?

Need a screenshot showing the above at a minimum.

@D.JohnWick In case if you haven’t read the forum guidelines. I suggest reading the community guidelines.

I have post this content once but have not received the desired answer. Leader also does not support the best. I am very disappointed with the leader’s support. That made me have to post this content again in hopes of finding a solution.

@D.JohnWick Sorry about that. I didn’t received notification. I am trying my best to help everyone. Usually i will not reply if i see OP replying to the post. Could you drop your rvt file here so that we can look your issue closely.


@D.JohnWick Make sure your having the wall type where you assigning the parameter wall name.

I just tested and it works as expected.

Good Luck!

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I do like your tutorial but it dont work as expexted .Do you can send your test file ( dynamo & revit) ?

Can Show me Project parameter dialog box for Wall Name & Ceiling Height

They are instance parameters applied to wall category. One should be text based (finish type), the other length based (ceiling height).

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