Wall finish by Room

@D.JohnWick Show watch node after Wall Finishes by Room.

Don’t node affter wall finishes by room. It’s just this

t try to run this node but it is not work. what is this problem?

This may be an obvious question, but do you have Rooms in the model? The all elements of category node is reporting null which is your first problem.

I have rooms in the model

i can’t use this node.
Wall Finishes by Room.dyn (3.1 KB)
Wall finishes by Room.rvt (1.7 MB)


Here is the video that Modelical provided to their method and custom node. https://www.modelical.com/en/wall-finishes-by-room-modelical-package/ . Hope it will help you.

above node is modelical’s pakage. I used but it is not working. I need explain about this problem. thanks for your idea.

Could everyone help me?

@D.JohnWick, have you tried another script that I was previously talking about? (download link @ learndynamo)

I tried this script but it is not working. Do you work with this script? If you do it, you can share example revit and dynamo file

@D.JohnWick, it worked fine with basic project, but is not suitable to use with our office standards, so we don’t use it on a daily basis. Check your inputs - you may have missed to change the room name:

Hi @zhukoven I changed the room name correspond my model but it is missed. I don’t understand basic project. T think using basic project

@D.JohnWick, I mean “rac_basic_sample_project” that comes with Revit installer. What Dynamo version do you use?

@zhukoven I use Dynamo 1.3.1 ?


I have found the solution to my problem. Thank you @Kulkul for your support.

I want input finish wall in Dyanmo.
But I couldn’t edit code in Python.
Could you tell me?

f1.dyn (6.5 KB)

I cant find wall finish by room bond - please help me to find it