No finishes with, dynamo skript, wall finishes by rooms

hey guys,

Hi everyone, I tried the packet, Wall Finishes by Rooms. Unfortunately it does not work. Also the original file from the script. Can it be related to the German version of Revit?

my projekt looks like this, there are listet the rooms, but there are no wall in the modells

anybody an idear?

Scripts can be used in any language really, the bits that will differ is project specific. For example, if you are changing the height of an object, in the English version of the script it will be looking for parameter “Height” but in German it would be “Höhe” ( Translated from google ) but apart from that; it should all work fine.

I’m afraid I don’t know about your main issue.

Good luck!

It’s not related to language settings of Revit. You’re doing something wrong or using old nodes with new API.
Your definition probably throws out errors - a screenshot would be useful.


this is the original skript an rvt.file , diese’t go

ans this is the “german” testprojekt

no idear

an this is the dynamo version

Which is this package?

NODE: wall finishes by room


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it works,
I had translate the python skript in german parameter!


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hey ghl.

having the Problem myself and cant figure out what you changed. could you maybe publish your changed Dynamo file here? would be greatly appreciated. cheers. mo

Python Skript


Das Dynamo Skript

I hope ou get it!


i see thank you. so for anyone else using this in another language than english. you need to Change the parameter names in “quotes” in lines


to your local values.

I saw this and tried. it worked and helped me because i am also working in German Version of Revit. Thanks alot