Dynamo + Revit 2017 wall finish by rooms

Hi, im new at the site

In advance i’m sorry for my english

I make this for create wall finishes by rooms, using parameters: Wall Finish and Cieling Height (Archilab examples)…

I have to problemsn:

1- How to make the walls updated and not repeated
2- How to join walls
3- how to set multiple levels

Maybe this helps:

Thanks, i try that node but dosnt run in rvt 2017…

@torrez83.rt It may be a little late, but it does work on Revit 2017. Have you followed the instructions on our website MODELICAL? The parameter that reads “Ceiling height” must be a length parameter.

I hope it will be useful in future situations!

Thanks¡, indeed the node works, it was a language question between english and spanish version, the parameter names that ar manually written must be edited to spanish.

please send the practice file,
I tried these in 2015 it is not working,
please help me iam trying these one from 1month,