Copy rebar from one element to another


Is it possible to copy a group, with a known name ?
I’m thinking about copying a group of rebar from one element to another.

Any ideas ?


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Hi @d.kelfkens,

There were some recent discussions about groups and placing them if this helps…


Hi @Daniel_Woodcock1 ,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve read the discussion. But what I’m actually looking for is a wat to select all rebar in a concrete beam and copy that to another beam. At first I thought about doing that using a group. But I don’t need to do that anymore.

Base question is : Can we select all rebar in a host (beam) using Dynamo ?


@d.kelfkens There is a custom package called “BIM4Struc.Rebar” that has got node called Rebar.GetHost. You can use that to get rebar host elements.


To play a little further on the suggestion by @Kulkul:

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Thanks !
I’m going to work with this idea and let you know my progress.

@Einar_Raknes Your solution works perfectly. I get a list of Rebar Items in the selected host.

I’m now having trouble copying them to another concrete beam. Copy.Translate doesn’t seem to work on rebar items.
I’ve seen posts about copying walls where people wrote that copying families isn’t possible. I can’t imagine this can’t be done.

I think I’m looking for a way to copy these rebars in a direction + distance. Direction and distance are then defined by the line between the two host (one with and on without rebar)

Copy with distance should not be a problem, it will be a litte bit trickier if they are rotated differently too. Have you looked through the nodes in bim4struc? He has got a Rebar.Copy node.


Found it !!!
Thanks for all the help @Einar_Raknes

I tried to get it work with a rotated beam as well, but I have some trouble to determine the correct sign on the rotation. I must probably refresh some of my basic math skills. I modified the bim4struc node to include rotation.


This is even better !!!
Thanks a lot !

Hi Einar,
I’ve tried your solution with the non modified bim4struc node (Rotation will be the next step :))
It seems that not only the rebar is copied but also the beam itself. Can you check this is happening at your model ?

No in my graph only the rebars are copied. I fixed another issue with the python script, it did not change the host of the copied rebars. I also found a solution on the rotation.

I attached the dyn if you want to test it:

Rebar.Copy.dyn (17.4 KB)

Something for you to test as well @Dieter_Vermeulen?

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Works perfect.
Many thanks !!!

Hi Einar,

Can you try to copy a beam with stirrups ?
In my tests the stirrup shape changed in the beam with the copied bars.

Hi everyone,

Did anybody try the solution above and noticed that the strirrup changed form in the copy ?

I did a test and the stirrup remained unchanged. Do the beams have the same cover settings?

Is it possible to do this with floor, walls…?

Should work with all elements with location lines, like walls and beams. The rebars will not be stretched though.

Yes, the cover settings are the same Einar. I’ve tried it on Revit 2016 and 2017 and different machines and models. I’ll post a demo later.