Copy rebar from one element to another

They will if you stretch the source first and then set it back to it’s original value.

Ah, nice trick. That is what you needed this for?

:slight_smile: yes! I’m working on a way to quickly put rebar in precast concrete beams. Your copy solution helped me out a lot! So thanks again.

Good day, I downloaded the file but I happen to rebar that I want to copy are as an assembly, and when running the dynamo in addition to copying I move some of the rods from the initial beam to the beam that has been copied. And when I use the revit copying from floor to floor it distorts the lengths and the stirrups move.

hi everybody
i doaload and use the file (Rebar.Copy.dyn 17.4 KB) of Einar_Raknes.
when i use it, There are yellow error messages at the nodes.

Please help me

HI Friends,
thanks for helping with copy rebar tool, I want to ask one silly question as just started dynamo few days back only,
When I use this tool it dose not work for flipped (mirror) beam or wall, is there any way I can do something for this, (i don’t know python or any coding)

good day,
I’m trying to make me copy several beams at once, which is what I should modify in the code to make it work for me. Thank you


I have come to the understanding , maybe i am a bit late on it, that rebar is a different beast. It needs a different approach to work with in my view. My workflow would COPY rebar ASSEMBLIES whenever needed and afterwards discard assemblies to use direct relations between rebar and its host to push information such as discriminants to schedule properly or parametrisation to display correctly in 2D views. There host ID is king in my view. Managing file size and views and sheets is another thing.
Kind regards

in my case it is because I have many joists that carry the same reinforcement, and when I copy it manually, I am assigned another host from the nearest main beam, so I would like to do it using a scrip.

Hi I create script for copy rebar from floor to floor but I have a problem with hosting rebar to new floor. Can anyone help?