Copy Rebar column to column

I am trying to copy the rebar of a column, I have created a script, but I also copy the host element (column), I have tried to add a node to delete the old one, but the new column I have to change the joins again, some solution. Thank you

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I think your workflow is based upon the below topic.
But have you read the post#13 ?

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hello, if I have also tried but it does not work for the columns, I have tried to update it but I do not understand much the python code, that is why I created this post since in which you mention I made others consult with respect to beams.

Can you post your .dyn and .rvt (stripped down if you like) file, so i can test/reproduce your results ?
If you can’t upload files yet, than maybe you can share them via Dropbox.

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please try and include all your previous work and links - this will only help others know what you have tried and where you are having problems :slight_smile:

QC-Rebar-Copy Columna.dyn (8.9 KB)

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Hello James, I don’t know if you can answer or remember but here in this script do you know how to delete the duplicate column ? thanks a lot


Working.dyn (14.4 KB)
Thanks for the help engineer Ahmad I really appreciate it , the thing is that I am using this script to transfer/copy rebars from one column to another , but it is also copying the column .
When I used the script you provided me everything was deleted
Do you know how can this problem be solved

This script to delete any column with the same type even if duplicated in the same place or in any other place.

If you need to remove duplication in the same place only you have to add filter rule with element location if they have the same location to prune the duplication.

Hi guys,
@ahmadkhalaf7892 you just want to copy rebar, is this helpful for you?

Hi Volkan . Thanks a lot for your help . this dynamo script works but it also copies The coloumn we would have two columns
Einar Raknes designed a perfect Add in for revit it is provided in the link in case anyone later meeded it

Again it was designed By Einar_Raknes
all credits to him

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